A Man of Much Honor

Hello my wonderful 62 viewers mostly in Australia and America! This week, unfortunately I am not talking about myself. I know you were looking forward to hearing my wonderful tales of wisdom, honor, and dignity. But Mrs.Waters said it would be all somebody else that I enjoy. So I shall go forth with the tale of a man who much deserves to be recognized by you 62 people who probably already have.

I would like to nominate a student who has been a dear friend of mine from the moment he moved here, to this moment that I watch him type on his laptop across the room. Yeah dude, you know who you are and you should be really creeped out right now! He tolerates my strange slightly perverted nature, and always somehow changes the subject from my odd nature to something people would actually want to listen to that still is about me! Yet above all that he is a wonderful blogger who has always completed the challenges with effort and thought, he has used visuals and links to engage his readers and featured me a few so you know that he’s an awesome guy!

Those of you who have been led here from him are starting to catch on! Unfortunately I will not use his name once in this post, I will just leave a series of links in this blog, to his blog, that spell his name, so you have to read the whole thing and live with my torturous excuse of a blog! Or just scan for the blue text. Either way I’ve nominated him for his effort and personality and forced you to read my thoughts (Not mind! thoughts!) Which in my opinion is pretty evil and my evil ancestors would be proud! If I had any! Thank you for the precious time that I so rudely and cleverly stole from you! Oh, and by the way, I hope you win Mr.E!

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A Tale Worth Telling

Hello Personages! You have returned to my domain in the depths of the terrible gloomy place that is… My living room! Or school or wherever I upload this from. You guys must think I’m pretty sweet if I have 52 people who have viewed my blog and 1 comment for every 10! This week I will be telling you, yes you, a thrilling tale that has never been told before even though I have told all my friends about it! It is… My future!

Thank you for that wonderful dramatic intro me! Now they can’t leave my trap! *cough* I mean blog! Now it’s time to be serious because let’s face it I’m a terrible joker! Now be aware that even I can’t tell my future and this is just my hopeful plan A that unlike most of you is not in modeling or football. My plan for the future is to finish school, graduate college, and much more that will be boring if I just list. When I have finished all school plan to go on a two year mission which, trust me has nothing to do with the military! When I say mission I mean I go to a foreign country and preach the LDS Gospel to hundreds of people and often get rejected but it’s the thought that counts.

When I have finished School and my LDS mission, I will come home from wherever in the world I just went and continue with the following. I plan to get a career in law enforcement (FBI, DEA, Police, etc) and hopefully get married to a wonderful woman who will love me and appreciate what I do for her and my family. With my beautiful bride I plan on having two children that I hopefully won’t spoil or be too harsh on. I was raised by very wise men and hope that my children will be able to look at me the same way.

Now you may be wondering “Why does he want that it sounds so boring!” but trust me there is a good reason. I want that with my future because I know that If I’m coming home late my wife will be able to tell my kids that “He’s a police officer, he helps people, he probably came across someone in need.” and I will know that when I wake up in the morning I will do some good in the world, and when I go to sleep at night I will know that it wasn’t a day down the drain. Pretty touching story eh? I bet your view on me just changed for the better! Now I understand that you are also a human being on the planet earth and you have places you need to go and things you need to do and a three page blog is unbearable to you so I will wrap it up with this closing quote: “Who are you, and what do you want?” -My grandfather

Chapter 4, Proceed to the building!

Hello, and welcome to what I hope is your favorite blog you have ever viewed! Today I am still doing what I was assigned, which this week is schooling. But before I do that I would like to make a shout out to two people using the following link. Now that I have done that I both hope you watched it if not here it is again, and I can continue with the challenge!

On the average weekday, my alarm so rudely wakes me from my dreams of just about anything involving girls and ferrari’s at 6:10 am. Afterwards I slowly stumble down my ladder (I sleep in the attic) and prepare a bowl of who knows what? Maybe Cheerios maybe Golden Grahams, and go forth with what a 14 year old boy should do in the mornings. After showering, brushing my teeth, etc… I get on my bicycle and ride for about 20 minutes until I get to school.

Like your’s my school is very small, slightly boring, and unkept. The only difference is the location, otherwise our schools could be the same exact place! Anyway, I go to my first two periods with my lovely social studies teacher Mrs.Hoke and spend about an hour learning about Rome, or the holocaust. Good stuff eh? then I go to flex and learn about personal finance! I hate the American Economy already! Afterwards I have a lovely lunch of an egg salad sandwich and an apple, and proceed to my electives: Home ec. and Study hall. When that’s done, finally I go to math and science and count the minutes until the end of the day.

Now school has ended, I’m at my locker stuffing my backpack with 10 pounds of books and papers, if there’s no track practice I will hop back on my bicycle and take the same route home where I will do my homework, play on my tablet (not iPad… tablet), and see if my edu blog has received any more viewers. After I have lived up my day, I will collapse onto my bed and prepare to repeat the loop tomorrow! Wow, I really need to do something new!

Thou Shalt Trust me With Your Lives!

So you’re back my lovely 28 viewers! Most of which are probably the same two people. Nevertheless, you’re here you’re back, you should tell everyone you’ve ever loved to come check me out! I know I seem desperate and trust me, that’s because I am! Now that I have wasted your time begging for viewers, I will continue with the actual important part of the blog.


So uh, leadership stuff yes… I have decided to go forth with challenge #3 because recently I have been formally invited by the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) to a 1 week leadership camp in Coburg, Oregon. I will be attending in the summer for a price of $190, after making the payment I will go up to Coburg with a tent,sleeping bag, and other camping essentials.


I’m also with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) in which I am currently the deacons quorum president soon to be ordained to teacher. For those of you who don’t understand what I’m talking about I will explain. In the LDS Church and a few other churches, there is a thing called the priesthood that you are given when you turn 12. There are two types of the priesthood and many classes in it, but I will explain that later. If you wish to know more just click this link and check it out. Anyway, as the deacons quorum president, I am responsible for keeping the other deacons in shape and getting stuff done at camp outs and service projects.


Thank you people for your time. You should leave a link to me on your blogs and make me popular! I understand that some of you didn’t appreciate the religious lesson but it’s what I believe and it’s what I will preach. Have a lovely day!


Come Unto me and Bring Forth the Views

Hello people of edublogs! So you must enjoy my blog posts if your back! If you’re here for the first time, you should totally tell all your friends about me! I’m not too popular on this site with many sub-sites, the only visitors I have are from my hometown which is kinda sad. So I plan on expanding my circle and attracting more people to my blog with an evil plan that doesn’t hurt anyone (said every mad scientist).

One thing I’m going to do is add this link to a video I’ve made that you all must love and watch seven times over. However, that is only a small part of what I’m going to do! I plan to use my personal Facebook/Email/G+ to contact people and attract as many visitors as possible. Take that Elijah!


Other than that I haven’t really thought of much that I feel comfortable doing to attract viewers. I could start a youtube channel for this blog but that would take too much time and my parents would never believe me. So this is my whole plan! Now please do me a favor and tell your family and friends wherever you are in the world about me and make me sound better than I really am!


What is Now a Memory

Honestly if I had to remove a few memories it would be an easy choice. Most of my bad memories are spanned over a few weeks or sometimes even months, which makes for a problem that usually sticks with me for a few years and probably thee rest of my life. So anyways, deleting memories… If I had to delete two to three I would probably chose my third grade year first. You see in that year I had no friends, only enemies, because I was different. nobody liked me for who I was, only that I would tolerate so much before I popped.

Another memory to delete… Ah yes why not?! Recently I had a problem with a friend who in their eyes was much more. For the sake of the interweb we will call her Stephanie. She was clingy and misinterpretive and it was impossible to end. I couldn’t have if I tried. I know because I did, the only reason it’s over is because she had to move to a different school and probably city. I like to look at my memories as just that, memories. Things that have happened and are over, in the past. Yes I know it’s hard to say you don’t really care about them but I live by just one not so famous quote. “Life is not what has happened but what is happening, so go forth and do good.” -Me

Now that you know about the memories that I wish I could just cut out, and how I cope with them. I would be interested in knowing the same about you! Everyone makes a mistake they wish they could undo!So what’s yours?